Sasquatch Skateboards joined in this past weekend at the Unheard Invitiational. People gathered and things started to get gnarly. This was year 4 they have been doing this competition at Donald skate park located in Donald Oregon. Donald skate park is a dream land original. Which can stand its own ground. Cash prizes were handed out and much more. As the weather held the pool coping was being grinded. Thank you to Unheard pdx and all the other sponsors who made this event possible.


Rhodes Park

great collaboration between the City of Boise and its skateboarding community


How well does your City work with your skateboard community?

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Sasquatch Skateboards Congratulates Sol Sk8 Shop

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Sasquatch Skateboards sat down last week with owner and operator of Sol Sk8 Shop in Bend Oregon. Sol Sk8 shop small unique but packs a lot of punch. Bringing in highest in sales for Sasquatch Skateboards in 2015. You might ask yourself how do they do it with such a small shop? What keeps the people coming back for more?

We have just the answer from the owner himself.

Sasquatch Skateboards- Care to share how you did it? 

Sol Sk8 Shop- We love supporting northwest brands that have a cool DIY story and we keep all the PNW decks at a fair price and in wide availability of sizes and graphics. I want the skaters of Central Oregon to know that we have cool regional stuff in stock all the time. Getting products from Sasquatch or any of the other PNW brands makes you feel more connected to the community.
Sasquatch Skateboards- Would it be fair to say you sold so many because they are front and center?

Sol Sk8 Shop- Keeping the smaller brands and local homies front and center is defiantly a strategy of Solsk8s.

If you make the same margins on every deck why not offer the decks that support the PNW skate scene instead of some major corpo whore or shit that’s made in china.
Sasquatch Skateboards- Did you feature them because it’s a northwest brand? Or was it the graphic.

Sol Sk8 Shop- PNW is big part since we are located in a tourist trap locally owned is a major selling point, but overall shape, construction and graphics are really what sells Sasquatch boards.


Sasquatch Skateboards- Anything else you want to share?

Sol Sk8 Shop- From day one Solsk8s has been down to support the squatch.

Keep your wheels rolling.

Sol Sk8 Shop

484 SE 9th St, Suit 150,
Bend, OR 97702

(541) 797-7616

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Here at Sasquatch Skateboards we would like to give a big thanks to Doug’s located in Hood River Oregon at 101 Oak St. Hood River Oregon 97031. Filled to the brim with all the new clothes, snowboard gear and skate gear you would need. Not far from the amazing Mount Hood Meadows. Doug’s is your one stop shop for all your sporting goods. Check these guys out online. Or visit their store front in person to see it all for yourself. “LIKE” these guys on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram at the links below.

Store Front

Store Front

Shoe Wall

Shoe Wall

Snow Gear

Snow Gear

Skate Section

Skate Section



Instagram- @dougsHoodRiver

Twitter- @dougsHoodRiver

Portland Oregon filled with the weird and the great, the bad and the good and what ever else lies between. Once upon a time was a place. A place where you could drop your kids off for the day. You yourself could go ride a wheelie board for just a small fee. Rain or shine it was fun and entertainment for anyone. Once known as Department of skateboarding also called DOS cracked its doors in 2002 and remained open until 2010. Shortly after in March of 2014 Trusty Switchblade has reopened the facility at 15 NE Hancock st Portland, Oregon 97212 and is holding strong. Public sessions daily from 11am-7pm. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a parents signature. 6 month and yearly memberships are available thus meaning you can come and go any time you please. While lurking the skate facility whisk your way on down to see trusty switchblade skate shop located just below the bowl. Lots of awesome local companies  and product for your skateboarding need. Here at Sasquatch Skateboards we would like to give a big thanks to Trusty Switchblade for being a proud distributor of Sasquatch Skateboards. Stop on by the location. Check out the photos and links below for more info.

Photos: Robert Parrish














Hood River Oregon, known for some epic breweries top notch wind surfing a concrete playground to ride your wheelie board  and some amazing brands that have grown to build an empire from the area.  Such as Dakine,Full Sail Brewery and many more. Not far from the amazing Mount Hood Meadows a great place for you, your friends and your family to visit. As we sink ourselves into the downtown district. Sitting against the side lines. Established in 1984 is what we know as Doug’s Sports. Opened up by the amazing Doug Campbell. Thus year marks the 30th anniversary of Doug’s Sports. In 2011 Doug’s Sports changed ownership to John Molesko who has then changed the name to Doug’s. Still bringing you quality products and outstanding customer service. With a new website in the works and a growing selection of new merchandise.  Doug’s hopes to leave it’s mark in the Gorge area by supporting Oregon made businesses, reaching out to the community and understanding the needs of supply and demand. Weather it be skateboarding,snowboarding or maybe you just need to redo your wardrobe. Doug’s is a one stop shop via the website or their store front located at 101 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031. Give these guys a call at(541) 386-5787 for any of your questons. At Sasquatch Skateboards we would like to give a big thanks to Doug’s and the crew for being a proud distributor of Sasquatch Skateboards product. “LIKE” these guys on the facebook page at the link below. image(5) image(2) image(3) image(4)image(1) Website-


Lets take it back to circa 1993. When Exit Real World opened its doors to the public. Owner and Operator Missy Samiee  opened these shops with a goal. Along with Jake Hauswirth they wanted to provide the best quality goods with a friendly knowledgeable staff backing them in every way possible.  Still holding strong as ever with 2 locations Exit Real World is a go to for your skateboard, snowboard and apparel goods.  First location is in Salem Oregon at 505 Chemeketa St NE. This is the first store front of the small chain shops and remains open to this day.  Followed with another location in Portland Oregon at 206 NW 23rd Ave. Exit Real World is a one stop shop for any of you out their. Weather its to grab a skateboard deck or browse the snowboards or maybe just to get some apparel for your every day life style.  I suggest you make a pit stop and browse around at either of these locations. Here at Sasquatch Skateboards we would like to give a big thanks to Exit Real World for being a proud distributor of Sasquatch Skateboards. “LIKE” these guys on Facebook, follow them on twitter and instagram or visit their website. But most of all check these places out in person to see how great they are for yourself.image(3) image(2) image(4) image(5) image(6)